It's like catching up with your clients over a cup of coffee each week

Anticipate client concerns
Build rapport
Promote financial awareness

What Does InestiGauge Do?

We help financial advisors enhance their client connections and anticipate their clients' financial needs.
Weekly Client Briefings

Your clients receive weekly personalized news briefings filled with articles about the financial issues that matter to them.

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Weekly Advisor Updates

You receive reports that summarize your clients' interest in the articles that they read each week. Understanding the articles they’re reading sets the stage for your "next best conversation" with each client.

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Easy Setup and Maintenance

InvestiGauge manages the setup and ongoing maintenance and reporting once you invite your clients to subscribe. There is virtually no work for you to get started!

How does InestiGauge work?

Sophisticated algorithms identify the most relevant financial articles for each individual.
InvestiGauge News Sources

15,000+ articles from 60+ sources screened and categorized weekly.

InvestiGauge Personalized Briefings

Individually personalized briefings sent to each subscriber.

InvestiGauge Advisor Engagement Summary

Financial advisor receives weekly engagement summary.

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