InvestiGauge offers weekly, personalized financial briefings for financial services professionals and their clients as well as self-directed investors. This regular, personalized information helps individuals stay informed about topics that matter most to them and to help them make better financial decisions.

What News Matters to Your Clients?

Clients are surrounded by what may sometimes feel like an infinite number of sources for news and information. It's getting harder and harder for clients to know what is worth reading and what the news means to them.

The more informed your clients are on the issues that affect their financial interests, the more effectively you can work together to meet their financial goals.

InvestiGauge provides your clients a weekly personalized financial briefing of the news that matter to each individual based on the individual's stage in their lifecycle. Your clients can look to you to provide them with the articles that matter to them, setting the stage for future financial conversations and building your client relationship.

The financial services professional receives weekly summaries of which clients are opening and reading specific articles, providing further insight into specific clients interests, giving topics of conversation in quarterly or annual meetings and providing additional reasons to communicate with clients (both client and/or financial services professional initiated).

The InvestiGauge Difference

Financial service professionals are constantly balancing the need to review and monitor client investments with the importance of maintaining ongoing communication with those clients. InvestiGauge helps the financial services professional make more efficient and effective use of their time, while helping maintain an ongoing conversation with their clients.